Projects & Infrastructures

As you aware and the fact is if we aware of infrastructure is not just about physical assets, such as roads and bridges, It is also about providing people a facilities to move on these raod,provide with power,clean water and communication to make their life better in day to day activities. As you aware population of India is growing so it need to have more infrastructure in place which should be designed to sustain this much of population and long term sustainability.

Strategic Imperatives
  • Focusing aggressively on growth markets across India
  • Building capacities and capabilities across organizational functions.
  • Partnering, acquiring and divesting to accelerate strategy implementation
  • Focusing resources on the core business.
  • Providing integrated turnkey services and out-of-the-box solutions, an edge over competitors.
  • Investing in internal capabilities to build a high-performance culture.
  • State & National Highways
  • City Roads
  • High Capacity Transport Corridors
  • Bridges & Culverts
  • Highway Safety Systems
  • Operation & Maintenance
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